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Judging by product range, pricing and customer experience, MT5 Stock Broker ranked AAATrade first among 3 top stock brokers. We tell you what you need to know, but the decision is yours.

Licensed EU investment firm and liquidity provider.

In the market for 7 years, AAATrade is a CySEC licensed and regulated prime brokerage headquartered in Cyprus. With a diverse product offering, AAATrade meets the demands of individual, professional and corporate traders and investors residing anywhere in Europe. With a minimum required deposit of USD/GBP/EUR 500, traders gain access to the broker’s MT5 trading environment which allows them to tap into multi-asset trading. Stocks, Shares, Equities, Treasury Bills, Bonds, ETFs, Indices, FX, CFDs, Futures, Commodities, Metals, and Energies make up the firm’s vast product range.

Providing direct connection to 80 leading exchanges around the world, AAATrade is one of the few MT5 brokers to offer real stocks and multi-asset portfolio management. Additionally, the brokerage offers a fair choice of educational materials and market analysis suitable for both novice and experienced traders.


Average minimum deposit for a broker of its category. $0-$5 commission. 1:300 max. leverage.


Novice, Experienced, Institutional & Professional account types for traders of all levels of expertise.


0 delay, ECN execution. Fair range of order types: Good Till Cancel, Limit, Stop, Pending. Netting.


Advanced indicators and charting tools, MAM & PAMM technology, daily technical analysis and news.

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Leading CFD, FX and ETF provider.

Plus500 is a leading provider of FX, CFD and ETF investing and one of the few brokers to offer a proprietary investment ecosystem (Pluss500CY). Founded in 2008 and listed on the London Stock Exchange, the company is headquartered in Israel and has offices in major financial hubs around the world, including Cyprus.

Compared to other market players, Plus500 offers a rather limited asset range of just a little above 2,000 securities, options and few ETFs traded across 50 markets. On the positive side, the onboarding process is quick and smooth. Its proprietary platform is easy to navigate. However, this is counterbalanced by the lack of standard indicators and fundamental research data.


Low trading fees. Minimum deposit $100. Leverage: 1:5 – 1:30, floating per asset class.


Retail, Professional and Demo account options. Swap-free accounts are also available.


STP execution backed by Stop Limit, Trailing Stop, Stop Loss and Guaranteed Stop order types.


Proprietary trading platform with analytical tools and advanced charts. No fundamental insights.

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Award-winning Australian broker.

Pepperstone is a well-regarded FX and CFD brokerage established in Melbourne, Australia in 2010. Reputed for its low-cost trading conditions, competitive spreads, 30ms execution, Pepperstone is a fully ECN broker offering over 150 instruments, 60 of which are shares. In January 2020, the company launched major stocks on its MT5 platform: Amazon, Tesla, Google, Apple, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Walt Disney. Despite the new addition, it still cannot compete with ETF and Treasury providers.

Pepperstone also provides news and market analysis, which does not stack up well with that of AAATrade or Plus500. In addition, there is no balance protection for non-EU traders and no institutional focus.


Low fees on FX and equity index CFDs. $200 minimum deposit. $7/lot round turn.


Standard and Razor account types, including Demo options. Trading bonuses available.


STP, low-latency execution. Standard order types. Filling methods: Scalping, Hedging.


MT5, basic news flow, with little to no fundamental data. Mostly technical analysis.

What Are Trading Indicators

In the currency markets, indicators can be important to enhance the clarity of the clues that could potentially be identified from the charts. Very basically, indicators help traders predict the direction of an underlying asset by measuring features such as momentum, patterns, trends and other factors. Some of the most commonly used indicators include the following Stochastic, Parabolic Stop and Reversal, Relative Strength Index, Moving Averages, Moving Average Convergence Divergence, Bollinger Bands.

Support and Resistance

Support and Resistance lines are used by Technical Analysts to determine which direction the price of an asset will take and to trade accordingly. A support line is the level on which a falling trend is more likely to bounce back up while a resistance line is the level on which a rising trend is more likely to bounce back down. If a support or a resistance line breaks, the price is expected to keep moving until it meets another support or resistance line.

What Is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is another form of trading strategy like scalping. This technique focuses on trends- swing traders will use technical analysis and charts to identify market trends that they use to inform them how to continue. For example, if a stock is following an uptrend, they go long, and they go short if the trend is on a decline. This typically happens over a period of few days, weeks, or months as they require the historical data to proceed.

What Is Scalping?

Scalping is a trading strategy that is defined by the high volume of trades made over short periods of time, such as a few seconds or minutes. Scalpers specifically employ limited exposure to the market to minimize risk as this prevents financial news from affecting prices. However, the downside to this is that the gains/profits of each trade will also be minimal. That is why scalpers will make up to hundreds of trades per day as it allows them to build profit.

What Is Intraday Trading?

Intraday is a term used within the financial world, which essentially means "within the day." More specifically, this term is used to describe the trading of securities during regular market hours. Intraday securities include exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stocks. Intraday price movements are the most important for day traders who make numerous trades over the trading season by taking advantage of short-term price movements. Especially since these traders close all their positions at market closing.

Trading with Delivery Stocks

Delivery based trading is when traders buy shares but keep them for long periods of time (up to a few months) instead of selling them on the same trading day as Intraday traders do. With delivery stocks, there is no limit to how long the shares can stay in your Demat account (they get stored here after the purchase). This style of trading is advantageous for traders because it gives them the ability to wait until the market conditions are perfect before selling.

How Does the Stock Exchange Work?

When businesses want to raise capital, they will often sell shares which shareowners can later resell for profit if they wish too. The stock exchange provides a place for them to do that by creating a secondary market and removing the need for shareholders to find buyers themselves. The stock exchange mimics an auction where traders place bids depending on how well they think a company will perform. When they think a company will do poorly, they will bid down and vice versa.

What Is a Stockbroker?

Stockbrokers (also known as investment advisors) are professional traders who sell and buy shares from the stock market (ex. New York Stock Exchange) on behalf of their clients. Stockbrokers typically work for brokerage firms, and they are responsible for handling numerous transactions for several institutional and individual clients. In exchange for their services, stockbrokers will typically get paid by charging a commission on every trade, but this usually changes according to the employer

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Name: J.O.
Country: Estonia
Rank: rank
Message: I gained my confidence as a trader with AAATrade! I started trading last year with them and I’m still trading, I wouldn’t change them for another broker.
Name: Carine M.
Country: France
Rank: rank
Message: I wasn’t so much into trading until I came across AAATrade. I’ve had a good experience with them so far in every respect. They are trustworthy.
Name: Ross B.
Country: Sweden
Rank: rank
Message: Pepperstone and Plus500 are good, but AAATrade is better. They offer far more assets than the other two brokers. Their execution is also better.
Name: Chris T.
Country: Luxembourg
Rank: rank
Message: Good account choice for all preferences. Plus, unlike other brokerages, AAATrade also offers good crypto to fiat exchange rates and instant transfers.
Name: Tania B.
Country: Denmark
Rank: rank
Message: Don’t know much about trading, but AAATrade has a good range of educational materials and video tutorials. Also, they charge no commission on the Novice account. Currently trading on the demo until I get familiarized with the platform and all, I’ll start trading live soon. Fabulous support!
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